What about commercial audition vs theatrical audition

There are two types of headshots, especially in the acting industry. These are theatrical and commercial. Why are two headshots different? And are there real discrepancies between what these two separate headshots expect?

An actor could have a different advertising agent than he did for acting. These agents will search for different things and send the actor out for various kinds of calls, where they will also find different things. Let’s discuss about commercial audition vs theatrical audition.

auditionCompany headshots

These are headshots that actors who search for a star in advertisements or are regularly sent to read for commercials choose to print. They are built to help you get your foot into the door with famously trendy advertising casting directors. A casting director is looking for a warm and polite guy. Remember, selling goods are all about marketing. They want people to be related, so they can interact with the actor and purchase what that actor promotes.

Headshots for this kind of work typically smile and take shots from a relaxed viewpoint and in relaxed clothes. Although the trade itself which enable the actor to play a completely different character, the casting directors are looking for a friendly image. Medium colours and more natural make-up are always the perfect way to make the impact you want.

Headshots Theatrical

Theater headshots are on the other end of the continuum. Even if you hear about a comedy role, casting directors usually look for a shot that shows the actor more seriously. Why? Why? And they’re looking for someone on whom they can rely. They want someone who is responsible—someone who looks competent though they’re just starting out. Whilst you still market yourself using these headshots, you market yourself more than just a kind and polite person as an intelligent and competent performer. So these are the difference between commercial and theatrical audition.

Darker background and clothing colours and a more serious or neutral expression are popular. These photographs typically have a more direct angle that reveals the face. Although casual clothing remains acceptable, it should be slightly dressier in general than what is seen in your commercial headshots.